A Strange Feather

the craziness,
All the empty plots,
All the ghosts and fears,

All the grudges and sorrows have

I must have inhaled
A strange

That finally



— Hafiz


About this poem

Poet(s): Hafiz end

3 Comments on “A Strange Feather”

  1. Graham

    My cousin’s wife was dying. We had never really hit it off. Who knows why. She thought I was not a serious enough person. I read her this poem. But because we had never hit it off she seemed to take it as some kind of criticism. Me telling her she had something to let go of. So instead of letting go of that and letting in the resolution the poem offers, she didn’t breathe in the strange iridescent feather that fell off the page into my hand as I blew it over to her. And it just floated on down to the ground. But she breathed her last breath peacefully one year later quite well without the benefit of Mr. Hafiz, thank you very much.


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