The young are walking on the riverbank
arms around each other’s waist and shoulders,
pretending to be looking at the waterlilies
and what might be a nest of some kind, over
there, which two who are clamped together
mouth to mouth have forgotten about.
The others, making courteous detours
around them, talk, stop talking, kiss.
They can see no one older than themselves.
It’s their river. They’ve got all day.

Seeing’s not everything. At this very
moment the middle-aged are kissing
in the backs of taxis, on the way
to airports and stations. Their mouths and tongues
are soft and powerful and as moist as ever.
Their hands are not inside each other’s clothes
(because of the driver) but locked so tightly
together that it hurts: it may leave marks
on their not of course youthful skin, which they won’t
notice. They too may have futures.

— Fleur Adcock

12 Comments on “Kissing”

  1. Jenna Stuart

    Lovely! Thanks again, Michelle, for bringing us these jewels.

  2. robbie carrick smith

    Worst thing i read in my life!!!!!!!!!!1 You suck and should not be writing things like this!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. doovde

    this is a reaaly good poem dunno why some stupid people who cant write as well as this leave rubbish comments

  4. Lucy

    I don’t get it guys. If you don’t like the poem why bother commenting and offending the writer? What is your problem? How would you like it. Now get off your backside, write a poem, post on here and you get insulted by a bunch of ten year olds behind a computer screen. >:@

  5. Abel

    Hi !
    This is a nice poem!
    To get straight to the point . I need help in getting an analysis for the poem. Its an easy task but im not half satisfied with mine and I’d appreciate if someone could help me . :D

  6. Mubyia Halim

    I just love this poem soo much that I started reading it all the times and now it became my favourite poem. To be honest I don’t really like ready poems but this poem is similar to what happened to me which i love thinking about and reading this poem gives me a flashback of that fabulous day of my life. I don’t understand why some horrendous people are commenting about it so rudely and I think it is very offensive. If you don’t like it simply don’t bother to comment on it and I suggest you to try to write a poem and post it here and get insulted from someone stupid and idiot like you and feel the same as a poet would feel after reading a comment like that.

  7. Mark Shingleton

    They too may have futures…
    This is a touching and optimistic poem which quite rightly asserts that love and passion should not be lost at middle age and beyond.
    Things change as we get older, but we can still live and feel love.
    Live whilst you are alive.


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